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Your Siblings

Your Siblings

Your Siblings is a charitable nonprofit organization with the aim to provide effective and sustainable humanitarian aid. We carefully select our aid projects, applying strict criteria, and then support them with your donations, which we forward in full.

All projects have to be nongovernmental, nonprofit, and need to be run by locals. Further criteria for project eligibility include transparency, urgency, and sustainability. More details can be found in our FAQ.

On our website, we maintain detailed expositions of each of our projects, including pictures and videos, and allow every visitor to render donations.

Our name is to remind everypony to care for those in need, though often far away, like they were siblings.

Your Siblings was founded on September 26, 2010, by Lisa Wiese, the organization’s driving force. Over the course of the following year, I, Telofy, went from being a founding member to second chair and hopelessly enamored brony.

In order to help our projects with a donation, please visit our website:

Even the smallest donation is very welcome and direly needed!