Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

GalaCon 2019

GalaCon 2019 again raised the enormous amount of over €24,000 for Animal Equality!

Bronies for Good at GalaCon 2019

This time, our table was run by Wilhelm Stahldecker, Renha, and me, with help from Velvet Wings, Soul Strings, and Andy Feelin’. It was highly successful at €3,451 raised, though again the amount was slightly lower than in the previous year.

The auction, on the other hand, was another great success. It raised almost €21,000, only about €2,000 short of the record of 2018. Thank you to everyone on the GalaCon team and to Perry for making this possible!



I counted only the bills during the gala on Saturday, so we actually raised a bit more on Saturday. Conversely, I’ve inferred the total for Sunday from the grand total and the count from Saturday, so we actually raised slightly less on Sunday.

Table Saturday> €1,765.00
Table Sunday< €2,015.44


Musicians provided us with some of the albums on CDs and donated 20% of the returns. Hence the deduction labeled “profit share.”

Profit share–€328.00
Credit card fees–€104.97
PayPal fees (table)–€1.94
PayPal fees (auction)–€77.78

Top Items at the Table

Bound Together54€810
“Bit coin”520€520
All albums USB drive7€315

Top Items in the Auction

Perry’s hat€5,424.65
Wall hanging and ukulele€1,650.00
Book box€1,000.00

GalaCon Charity History

AttendanceTop bidAuctionsTable
20191,200€5,425 (hat)€20,805€3,451
20181,200€5,394 (hat)€23,064€3,921
20171,300€1,500 (hats)€11,500€4,124
20151,300€2,500 (banner)€13,470€6,556
20141,200€1,720 (banner)€9,455€2,923
20131,000€1,100 (banner)€11,632€2,694
2012400€1,650 (figurine)€7,545€274