Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch


We are always working on a project one way or another, whether it be having one in the works, rounding one up or having one in the planning phase.Here you can see the projects all categorized so it’s easy to get around.  We have the:

-The Past Projects:  All the projects, drives and charities we have donated to in the past. Watch out though as many of these make their way into the Current Project category as sharing and being charitable never has to have an expiration date.

-The Present Projects:  This is what’s going on right now!  Every effort to make these projects into a success is very deeply appreciated not just by us but mostly by the people at the receiving end.  Any donation or effort to promote and participate is noted as long as you keep us informed about your actions and donation.  If you participate in the projects you are eligible for a Bronies for Good button.

-The Future Projects:  This is simply what it says, these are all the projects and drives which we are planning.  As soon as we decide on a project you will be able to see more information about it here, that way you can get ready for whatever it is to come.  If you have any ideas on Future projects don’t hesitate to contact us with details. (see: Contact Us)