Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Smile! Fundraiser


Few things are as devastating as a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Young patients and their families are quickly thrust into an unfamiliar and often frightening world of medical decisions and hospital protocols. At the same time, they are typically coping with emotional upheaval and financial anxiety. Their needs go well beyond what even the best medical care can provide. However, in the words of a parent, sometimes even during the craziest storms you are lucky enough to get a rainbow . Let’s do as much as we can to give them that chance, and make them want to keep smiling forever !


The Children’s Cancer Association needs our donations to provide supportive mentors to children undergoing emotionally isolating and physically difficult cancer treatment. In collaboration with GlobalGiving, we will release a link on Christmas Day to donate to a collective brony fundraiser for this mission. The payment takes place on their website, so it is completely trustworthy, tax-deductible and sent directly to the Children’s Cancer Association. Depending on how many people donate in the first week, CCA will also be granted an extra 500$ to 1500$ bonus offered by Global Giving !


Sharing is an easy feat, so this will also act as a mix between charity sale and blind auction. Not only will the most generous donors receive extra prizes such as paintings, scarves, custom ponies or plushies, but every single one will be immediately granted a digital copy of a completely exclusive music album, product of the collaboration between the most talented bronies. More than 25 artists have already signed in for this, and it will only keep on getting bigger !


How you can join the cause :


First of all, spread the word ! There are so many brony communities out there and we can t possibly reach them all by ourselves, so make sure that everyone knows about this !


If you’re good with music, you’re welcome to join on My Little Remix if you haven t already and submit a piece to the album ! It’s also a great opportunity for your music to reach more people, as it will be published alongside the big names already working on this. You can find more details and complete instructions here.


If you make or own pony-related stuff and feel generous, you could offer it as an additional prize for the top donors and help raise more for the kids ! Now is your chance to get busy and make a difference in the lives of many children with your creative skill. Standard eBay auctions already go pretty high, but we can only guess how much more can be raised when it’s for charity !
You can send your pledge to us ( [email protected] ) that you will create or offer something for this event, so that we can showcase your art and your generosity as soon as it’s done.


For the digital artists out there, we are also welcoming any kind of art submission ! The theme is a simple word : “smile”. What to do with it is only up to you, so let your creativity flow ! The best ones will be showcased in our regular roundups, throughout the whole event. We will also need 179 x 114 px pictures for our widget showing how much have been donated.


Send all non-music submissions at [email protected] and be source to include a source link to get credited!


The actual month-long event will kick off on the 25th of December, but we need as much as we can before the end of the year to get that 1500$ extra grant for CCA, so be sure to check in after Christmas ! If you are already planning to donate but won’t be able to do so between December 25th and December 31st, you may contact us at [email protected] , so that we can direct you to our private donation link on Global Giving. We will still be accepting donations after the end of the year, but only 2011 donations will help us getting the 1500$ bonus !


A big Brohoof to all the fantastic artists who made this take off and to all those who will make it succeed, and thank you for your generosity !


The art above is donated by PashaPup