Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Massive Smile Project Released!

Hi everyone!

A little update with two good news : one, Seeds of Kindness just reached $4,500 in a single day! Only $5,500 more to go to complete the clinic!

Two, we are glad to relay to you the release of the Massive Smile Project, a cover of the Smile song performed by 11 soloists and over 160 choir singers! No matter where and when you listen to this, it will make you smile.

Once again, thank you so much, to all of you guys!

Seeds of Kindness Launch Event and Stream!

Hey Everyone,

Seeds of Kindness is now up and running! Check out the full announcement below!

Countless musicians, artists and many others have worked relentlessly for months to finally launch Seeds of Kindness, a charity event to fund a clinic in Uganda and a village for street children in Burundi. Today we celebrate the launch of the project with an EverFree Radio livestream at 16:00 GMT (noon ET). It will premiere the Massive Smile Project, a cover of the Smile song by 11 soloists and over 160 choir singers, as well as the eponymous Seeds of Kindness music album packed with 41 songs, amounting to over 2 hours and a half of music! Dozens of musicians will be in there, as well as Telofy, second chair and founding member of Your Siblings, to answer any question you may have.

Everyone who donates to the fundraiser can download the album as a thank you. Moreover, donating over $50 will get you a free Steam games or Full Access Subscription to iPad MLP ebooks from Ruckus Media, as long as we have some in stock. Artists of all trades have also contributed very valuable prizes for those who donate the most, up to a plush commission worth over $1,000.

More info on :

The first roughly $10,000 will be used to complete the clinic, then, subsequent donations will be used to fund the construction of a Green Village in Burundi, where street children who have lost their parents to the civil war can find a secure home that allows refugees to become self-sufficient without resorting to criminal activity.

You can learn more about our Your Siblings, in their FAQ – it’s a good read. Sustainability, transparency, local roots, need, and urgency are their primary criteria, ensuring that they only support the projects with the strongest long-term impact. After this initial financial impetus, the projects will be completely self-sustainable and break free of outside aid. Moreover, their policy is to cover all travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that 100% of what you give will be spent exclusively on the projects!

We would like to share a little something more, as a final note:

Bronies for Good in concrete

Bronies for Good in concrete

Back in early January, when we were working on Seeds of Kindness, Lisa (founder of Your Siblings) surprised us with this act of gratitude. Even when we were only just starting to set this up, they trusted our good will and already wanted to thank all of us, all of you for what is about to be accomplished. Here, “Bronies for good” doesn’t refer to the small group of people, but to us, the whole community of creative minds and generous souls who made all of this possible. Let’s make this happen!

Traveling Pony Museum Raffle and 24 Hour Livestream!

Hey Everyone,


Keep an eye for an awesome 24-hour charity Livestream Event from the Traveling Pony Museum, Ponies Live, and a few others to benefit Inked! Art for Africa. Full Details Below:


The Traveling Pony Museum has partnered with Ponies Live ( to organise a 24-hour charity livestream!


The target of all this goodwill will be the wonderful ‘Inked! Art for Africa’ charity effort ( organised by Maddy Peters, the incomparable voice of Scootaloo. (Actually, if anyone reading this has a contact with Miss Peters herself, she’d make a wonderful guest! Please feel free to send this her way.)


The fun will begin this Saturday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET), and it will continue through Sunday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET). On Sunday at noon, the stream will be cross-promoting Bronies for Good’s wonderful ‘Seeds of Kindness’ effort.


I know this is a little bit last-minute, but it’s all I have to work with. 🙂


This is a cooperative effort, including some of the biggest names in the brony community. In addition to the TPM and Ponies Live, we’ve got interviewers from Everfree Radio ( and The Brony Show ( They will be providing interview services to all the various guests who will be calling into the livestream during this 24-hour period. But GUESTS are what we need– and we were hoping you would be one!


So  if you are a noteworthy Musician, Artist, or Community Member, and you’d be interested in calling in for an interview slot, or if you know someone who would, please do respond ASAP. There’s not much time between now and the start of the livestream, so unfortunately we have to work fast. So check your weekend schedule and see if there’s a spare hour in that 24-hour period! 🙂


Love and Solidarity Everyone!


P.S, the Seeds of Kindness Launch event will proceed shortly after this live-stream, so keep any eye out for an announcement soon too!

Seeds of Kindness Prizes and iPad Apps from Ruckus Media

Hey Everyone!


The finalized Seeds of Kindness Prize Page is now up and running for all of you ultra-generous bronies out there who plan on competing for prizes! (Top donors will have priority choice when it comes to making their selections, so keep that in mind if you plan on gunning for a specific prize!)


In addition to our artist forwarded prizes, our friends over at Ruckus Media have been generous enough to offer all-access subscriptions for their Ruckus Reader to the first 10 iPad owners who donate $50 or more to Seeds of Kindness. These are worth $30 each and will give you full access to MLP iReaders, such as the following.


Things That Go Bump in the Night

Twilight Sparkle’s Special Lesson

Rarity Loves Fashion



The first one of these is currently free on iTunes, so check it out! And if you own an iPad, and are already planning to donate to Seeds of Kindness anyway, you now have no reason not to throw in those few extra bits. At least as long as the supply lasts.


Welp, that’s it for now everyone! Keep an eye out for the official Seeds of Kindness Fundraiser launch debut and epic livestream on the 29th of April, and remember, keep up the good work!


Love and Solidarity,

Bronies for Good

Another Seeds of Kindness Update


The musicians over at My Little Remix are now putting their finishing touches to the soon-to-be-released Seeds of Kindness charity album, which is looking to be over two hours long! You can already find quite a few previews in the playlist above. For the big launch on April 29th, EverFree Radio will host at noon ET a livestream of the album, and dozens of musicians will be there. It will also premiere the Massive Smile Project, an amazing cover of Daniel Ingram’s Smile song, performed by 11 soloists and more than 160 choir singers! A round of applause to all the musicians who participated in the album, this would not be possible without them!


Last but not least, Telofy, second chair and founding member of the Your Siblings charity, will also be there to answer any questions you may have regarding the projects we are supporting: a clinic in Uganda and the Green Village in Burundi.


As with our last event, the most generous donors will be thanked with unique handcrafted gifts, art commissions, merch and Steam games very generously donated by various artists from the community! The exact list is still being finalized and will be made available shortly. We are still gladly accepting such donations for either this event or possibly for fundraising at the next BronyCon, so if you want to help, please contact us at


For more information on Seeds of Kindness, hit up this page. Or alternatively read this short description:


What is Seeds of Kindness?

Seeds of Kindness is a fundraiser which will raise money for the non-profit organization Your Siblings. An album has been put together by the musicians from the My Little Remix community and will be made available to download to anyone that donates to Your Siblings. Every donor that donates a significant amount will have a chance to pick a prize from the prizes submitted by some generous folks, provided that they make the highest donor list.


The money will be forwarded in full to Your Siblings by Betterplace and then Your Siblings will use 100% of the money to support their top priority projects: A self sustainable Clinic in Uganda and a Green Village in Burundi. These projects are run by locals and will break free from foreign aid when the initial money is invested!

The Traveling Pony Museum Needs Funding

The Traveling Pony Museum (@MLPFIMTPM on Twitter) is not only a massive project by Inky Notebook with the goal of showcasing great art in all forms from all around the fandom and helping lesser known artists get noticed, but is also involved in charitable campaigns, like a raffle benefiting Madeleine Peters Inked! Art for Africa fundraiser, and most likely many more upcoming projects.

To make all of this possible, the Traveling Pony Museum, of course, needs funding. If you have a few dollars you can spare, then head over to Inky’s Kickstarter page to pledge. She even has prizes for more generous pledges starting at only $15 and ranging up to $500.

We are hoping for many wonderful collaborations with the Traveling Pony Museum in the future, and are looking forward to meeting her at various conventions!