Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

New Seeds Of Kindness Gifts

Hey Everyone!

First off, we would like to thank everyone who has thus far donated to the Seeds of Kindness Fundraiser!  Our modus operandi has always been “give to everyone who gives”, and we are pleased to announce a few addition to our special thanks. The Smile charity album was updated with a new take on “A Sorceress Girl” and a brand new song from Sprocket Doggingsworth, “The Rise and Fall of Emperor Discord“, and will be offered to anyone who donates to Seeds of Kindness.

If you have already donated, you can simply go back to the Seeds of Kindness download page that you were asked to bookmark or find it in your web history – or donate again if you feel like it. Your Siblings still needs €13,000 more to build the village that will provide homes, and education, and employment to street children in Burundi!

Moreover, you can find below the updated list of prizes that the most generous donors can claim. The top donor gets to choose whichever gift he likes the most, then the one after him and so on. When making bigger donations, just follow these instructions, so that we can get back to after the event ends on June 30th.

Additionally, anyone donating over €37 ($50) can instantly get a Steam game or iPad MLP ebooks subscription as an extra present, independently from the prize contest. Just follow the instructions here, and be sure to contact us directly! We removed the games already claimed, so as of today, May 27th, here are the games still available:


  • 10 All Access Subscriptions to Ruckus Reader from Ruckus Media, (worth $30 each), offering FULL access to MLP iReaders: Things That Go Bump in the Night, Twilight Sparkle’s Special Lesson and Rarity Loves Fashion)
  • Skyrim (when donating over $75 (60€))
  • Portal
  • Dead Space
  • 3 copies of Terraria
  • The entire Tropico Trilogy
  • Alien Shooter
  • 3 copies of Iron Grip Warlord
  • 2 Copies of Audio Surf
  • 4 copies of Indie Gala Packs
  • Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack


And the prize list in more details:


A top tier “Artistic Pony” plush commission by Piquipauparro, similar to this one:



A pocket-sized pony plush commission by Hyper-piston, similar to this one:



Any available art piece by Futtashy (except Lunin and Derpy Monet), such as:

A custom scarf by Mastertortilla27, such as to these ones:



A free commission for a hand made wooden pony from xofox, similar to this one:



An open art commission of your OC or any mane characters by Sunfur:



A Large Welovefine There’s A Pony For That shirt:



A custom pony toy commission by Phasingirl, such as this one:



A full set of MLP:FiM inspired bracelets and pendants by ComparativeRarity:



A Luna painting by K. Mcwilliams:



We can’t begin to thank enough all of the wonderful people making this possible. To everyone who donated or helped in any way, thank you so much!

Love and Solidarity,

So-Cal Brony Book Drive for Harbor UCLA Child Life

Hey Everyone!

If there are any bronies in the So-Cal area out there looking for a way to hone in on their element of generosity and get their video game on, than the So-Cal Bronies group has just the meet-up for you! On May 19th at 11:45 A.M, the So-Cal meet-up group is going to be having an arcade-themed event at the Redondo Beach Fun-Factory in Redondo Beach, C.A. But instead of just settling for an afternoon of video games and good company, this group is planning to collect coloring books, art supplies, and other such bits to donate to Harbor UCLA Medical Center Pediatrics-Child Life Services! So not only do you get the chance to hang out with a bunch of awesome bronies, but you also get to help spread some cheer to kids who could certainly use it! So if your from So-Cal, and want a good way to spend a Saturday and get a little bit of good karma as well, then this is the kind of event for you.

Check out the event page here and as always, thanks for being awesome!

Love and Solidarity!

Seeds of Kindness First Milestone

Great News Everyone!

As of the time of this post, Seeds of Kindness has reached $16,407 U.S.D!

This means that the Clinic in Uganda has now been fully funded, and that the first milestone for Seeds of Kindness has been reached! As promised, the Massive Smile Project staff is now working hard to finish production of an animation celebrating everyone’s hard work and commitment to the success of Seeds of Kindness! From this point on the fundraiser, donations will be going to be going to funding the Sustainable Village project in Burundi, which will require around $30,000 to be completed!

Regardless of us reaching this goal, we want to thank all the artists, donors, and comrades involved for their ongoing contribution and support to Seeds of Kindness. You guys were instrumental in making this happen, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Now, let’s see about funding that village!

Love and Solidarity!