Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Kallisti! – A Massively Multiartist Charity Livestream Photo Album


In the end, we managed to raise over $2000 U.S.D for both Galacon our Seeds of Kindness 2 Fundraiser. So once more, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to every artist that participated, the moderators and live-streamers from Every Pony Radio and Bronystate, who kept the stream running throughout those 24 hours!

Last and certainly not least, we’d like to offer our most sincere thanks to those folks who attended, provided suggestions, and donated to the cause! You all are awesome

and we hope to see you all again next time!

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Reminder: Kallisti! – A Massively Multiartist Charity Livestream

Kallisti! Art and Charity Livestream

If despite iTunes, you set your alarm to catch the premiere of Too Many Pinkie Pies, then better take a nap during the day because you can’t miss this!

Close to a dozen artists (see below) will be livestreaming their work during a 24-hour art and charity marathon! Moreover, Anneli Heed, the famous Swedish Spitfire, will join us!

The stream will start at 6 p.m. EST on November 17 (or 11 p.m. UTC) and run through most of Sunday. Head to our unified viewer page to watch and listen!

This event is an initiative of the European convention GalaCon and Bronies for Good, and would not have been possible without the support and dedication of BronyState and Everypony Radio, who recognized the importance of its centerpiece, the Kallisti fundraiser. GalaCon needs extra funding for their August 2013 convention with its own charity events, but they wouldn’t launch a grand-scale livestream without donating no less than half of its returns to the Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser for the Safe Project orphanage in Uganda.

Click here for more information, and here for the unified viewer page.

News from Seeds of Kindness 2: Doors and Windows Funded!

The Hub has been teasing us with little insights into season 3 from months now, and we are going to follow their example. But more about that later.

The milestone. As you will know, our Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser supports the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda. This orphanage is building a chicken farm to ensure their long-term self-sufficiency when they expand to save more—more than fifty!—orphaned children from the harsh realities of the street. These children have lost their parents to war or disease, but the Safe Project will provide them with food, education, and the family they so direly need.

Now you, our donors, have manged to fund another batch of needs: The doors and windows of the building. A whole-hearted thank you from the organizer of the project, Ruth Nambowa, to all of you!

Have a look at the image below, and check out our gallery to see the progress they’ve already made.

Building progress

This was the fourth of the seven phases of the project. Another €9000 will fund it completely! Can we count on you?

The prizes. We’ve updated our prize list. Those who make the largest donations by December 25, will be awarded wonderful Christmas presents such as plushie and art commissions, a special trading card signed by many of the show staff, paintings by the likes of John Joseco and signed by the Swedish Spitfire Anneli Heed, and a voice commission from Rina-Chan.

What’s next? Which community artists do you want to watch doing their magic in a totally hypothetical charity extravaganza? We’ve got more in store for you!

Finally, please head over to our Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser and prove to fifty children that this community cares for them!