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Smile! Charity Album Released !

Good News Everybody !


The Smile! charity album has been completed and is now ready for distribution to those of you who have contributed to the Smile! CCA fundraising efforts. We are all extremely happy with the sheer quality of the submissions, not only coming from well-know artists, but also from many undiscovered talents. This album features 22 of the best submissions, amounting to a grand total of 77 minutes of diverse, high quality music ranging from Classical to Rock, including Acoustic, Jazz, Dance, Drum & Bass and many more ! You can find the full tracklist at the bottom of this post and a preview of some of the early submissions here.


If you have already donated on our Global Giving page while following correctly the instructions, you should have already received your digital copy of the album by email in our latest thank you note. If you have already donated but didn’t receive anything, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us your name and how much you donated, so that we can check it and match your email address with the donation we received. We will be happy to send you back the album as soon as you do, as well as make you eligible for the extra prizes !


How can I get this album  ?


Donate to the Children’s Cancer Association following the instructions below to receive your digital copy of the album as well as become eligible for the additional prizes. Donations are cumulative, as long as you use the same email address every time.



Here is the full tracklist :


1. One Cold Morning – Makkon
2. Say it isn’t Snow – thattechnique
3. A Heart Warming Night – AJTheEngineer
4. The Winter Wonder Carol – Bagpipe Brony
5. I’ll Be Coming Home – All Levels at Once
6. Pinkie Pie’s Fashion Show – DonnDeVore
7. Let’s Go – BlackElectric
8. Finding The Light – Exploding Heart Technique
9. Family Ways – And The Rainfall (Youtube)
10. In the name of Kindness – Nosnibormada
11. Octavia’s Smile – Dark Symphony
12. Forgotten Symphony – Aspect of The Storm
13. A Memoir of Silence – Navy Brony
14. First Bird of Spring – DrDissonance
15. Busy Day – Jeffthestrider
16. Megumi no Uta (Song of Blessings) – MIU
17. ForChorda – randomblockfilms
18. No Words – Replacer
19. Rebuilding Our City – sdogginsworth
20. Snortle at the Jazzy – Psychedelic Brony
21. Sorceress Girl – SoGreatAndPowerful
22. Memory Lane – Osoth

SWAG. Bonus track – Circuitfry and Pinkie Cake


Extra special thanks to the contributing artists, My Little Remix, Equestria Daily, Global Giving, the Children’s Cancer Association and all of you generous bronies who decided to help support this wonderful cause.

Brohooves to everyone who has donated so far, and let’s see how much more good we can do, love and solidarity to you all !


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