Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Smile! event is over, over $26,000 raised !




Twenty. Six. Thousands.
That’s how much you guys raised in one month. Indeed, the tips to GlobalGiving got back to the CCA in the form of a $3,000 bonus! All going straight to the Children’s Cancer Association, all to make this world a happier place to live in, all to help children in need smile and live again ! This is so amazing, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Really, we couldn’t even begin to thank you all enough for making this happen !


To all the musicians who made such an amazing album.

To Piquipauparro, whose prize was chosen by the most generous donor, who donated as much a $1,250.

To Xofox, who offered a handcrafted wooden pony commission. To shytalon, who offered several art commissions.

To the whole Cutie Mark Crusade team, who will give extra thanks to donors in their upcoming game.

To RoarinRoy, who offered an awesome set of Pinkie Pie headphones.

To MasterTortilla and Futtashy here at Bronies for Good, who not only helped setting this up but also offered a pony scarf commission and an original painting, respectively.

To Tsutanai-Neko, who offered a Nurse RedHeart custom.

To RinellaWasHere and Pen Stroke, who both offered fanfic commissions.

To Equestria Daily, DerpyHoovesNews and everyone else who helped spread the word.

To all of you, thank you so much once again for making this happen !



 What’s next ?


Even though the actual event and prize contest is technically over, we will still be keeping the fundraiser open for a while for those who may have missed it and still want to get the album. However, we don’t plan to stop there, as there will always be even more good to be done ! We are now working on another event that we shortly announced a little while ago : Seeds of Kindness.
This next event is aimed towards funding two major projects of the non-profit group Your Siblings :


– The first $10,000 collected will be used to complete the building and supplying of a clinic in Uganda, where there is less than one doctor per 12,000 people, and life expectancy is only about fifty years. After this initial impulse, the clinic will be self-sustainable and able to provide free emergency care without any external help for anyone who can’t afford to pay for it.
– When the clinic is fully funded, the next donations will be used to build a Green Village in Burundi, where street children who lost their parents to the civil war can find a home and learn to earn their subsistence without having to resort to crime.


You can learn more about our partner, Your Siblings, on their FAQ – it’s a good read. Their policy is to cover all travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that 100% of what you give will be spent exclusively on said projects ! Cool fact : their web server hosts Ponyleaks, as their second chair and lead developer is no other than Telofy, also author at DerpyHoovesNews !


Anyway, if your interested in getting involved with the project, or would like more information on how Seeds of Kindness will work, check out the page on projects!


Thanks again everybody! None of this would be possible without your continued support and effort!


Love and solidarity!


-BfG team

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