Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Seeds of Kindness 3 Album Premiere Party

The Release Party

The year 2011 saw the Smile! fundraiser, and 2012 was packed with two Seeds of Kindness fundraisers. Even those of you weren’t at BronyCon or GalaCon to get the inside scoop will have guessed what this means for 2013:

Our Seeds of Kindness 3 release party will be next

Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 4 p.m. EDT


The release party marks the publishing of the new, exclusive charity album A Beautiful Heart and on top of that the launch of the third Seeds of Kindness fundraiser for two projects of Your Siblings. Moreover, the musician Soldat Pony went beyond donating a track to the A Beautiful Heart and contributed his whole new album Before These Mighty Skies!

Just as with Seeds of Kindness 2, the release party will be a parallel stream of the album premiere on a long list of radio stations, while the musicians and will be in our chat to discuss their music. Many thanks to the radio stations that have joined us to make this event possible.

  1. Alicorn Radio
  2. Brony Radio
  3. Celestia Radio
  4. Everypony Radio
  5. Fillydelphia Radio
  6. Fractured Frequencies
  7. Luna Radio
  8. Ponyville FM
  9. Sonic RadioBoom

Everyone who donates to Seeds of Kindness 3 will be able to download the full lineup of

  1. A Beautiful Heart (from Seeds of Kindness 3),
  2. Soldat Pony’s Before These Mighty Skies,
  3. Faithful and Strong (from Seeds of Kindness 2),
  4. Seeds of Kindness (from the eponymous fundraiser), and
  5. Smile! (from the eponymous fundraiser).

Our latest target is €28,220—the Safe Project orphanage and the Green Village project for street children in Uganda and Burundi are counting on us!

A Beautiful Heart

A Beautiful Heart is our fourth album. It is the culmination of months of work from many talented musical artists throughout the fandom. Featuring over 30 tracks, two hours of music, several ambitious collaborations, and music from both popular artists throughout the fandom and up-and-coming musicians alike, A Beautiful Heart is a testament to the generosity and spirit of altruism running strong in the brony music scene today. It’s our pleasure to share it with you now. Keep an eye out for contributions from artists such as EileMonty, MEMJ, Forest Rain, Feather, Makkon, Carbon Maestro, Seventh Element, MC Flowny, and many more.

Ponychan /good/

This is not directly related to Seeds of Kindness, but our friends over at Ponychan have launched /good/, a new board to facilitate, discuss, and share ideas for charity, volunteerism, altruism, and random acts of kindness. The Forum o’ Good, as it’s called, is looking to be a useful tool for those seeking inspiration for ways to make the world a better place. Opportunities are on the horizon to really bring people together in the spirit of good. So if you like that which is good… Check it out!

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