Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Nurse Redheart’s Roundup: The Heartening! (Seriously, Who Likes Hearts?)

In conjunction with Seeds of Kindness altruistic event series, the Bronies for Good Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive (NRR) and charity giveaway has returned for another run around the proverbial stable! Aiming to raise blood for thinly stretched blood bank supplies worldwide, the NRR blood drive will last a full month, from September 5th all the way through to October 5th!

With blood transfusion and plasma supplies at records lows and demand ever increasing, it is time once more for everyone to give their best and help out many of those in dire need! To participate in giving blood, simply find a local blood bank, such as those with the American Red Cross, or many other equivalent options worldwide. If you are unfamiliar with blood banks or have never donated blood before, please refer to our list below of rated national and international blood banks. Further, if you are a first time donor, please pay extra attention to the rules, regulations and guidelines for your local blood banks. These rules and tips are extremely helpful for donors, and ensure that your experience is as safe and pleasant as possible.

For all of you that are interested in participating and helping those in need, there is a bonus to your efforts which takes the form of a two-tiered sweepstakes. First, for those that pledged to donate for NRR at GalaCon and BronyCon, there will be a special high-value prize drawing. This drawing will be taken from the items that BfG acquired at BronyCon including leftover charity auction items. Secondly, those who participate in the blood drive from September to October will also be entered into a prize drawing, separate from the first.

To qualify for entry into the giveaway for NRR, all participants must provide some form of documentation of their donation. This could include a testimonial, photo with appropriate caption, copy of your blood donation confirmation, etc. along with what type of blood was given and what amount was donated. This can all be recorded down on our dedicated Ponychan thread for NRR.

There is still plenty of time to prepare, so let’s all work hard and make this the biggest NRR drive ever!

Blood donor registries in the US:

International donor registries:

Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart

Unrelated to the blood drive, we have of course our fundraiser Seeds of Kindness 3 going on, where every donors gets the latest two albums by Le Soldat Pony as a thank you, and our new charity album A Beautiful Heart.

A Beautiful Heart is our fourth album, and the culmination of months of work from many talented musical artists throughout the fandom. Featuring 38 tracks, over two hours of music, several ambitious collaborations, and music from both popular artists throughout the fandom and up-and-coming musicians alike, A Beautiful Heart is a testament to the generosity and spirit of altruism running strong in the brony music scene today. It’s our pleasure to share it with you now. Keep an eye out for contributions from artists such as EileMonty, MEMJ, Forest Rain, Feather, Makkon, Carbon Maestro, Seventh Element, MC Flowny, and many more.

Ponychan /good/

Our friends over at Ponychan have launched /good/, a new board to facilitate, discuss, and share ideas for charity, volunteerism, altruism, and random acts of kindness. The Forum o’ Good, as it’s called, is looking to be a useful tool for those seeking inspiration for ways to make the world a better place. Opportunities are on the horizon to really bring people together in the spirit of good. So if you like that which is good… Check it out!

About Bronies for Good

Bronies for Good, first and foremost, is you. We are the facilitators who organize service events worldwide and encourage individual, group, and social involvement to fostering the growth of a global community of caring, socially conscious individuals: you. (You can also follow Bronies for Good on Twitter and Facebook.)

About Your Siblings

Your Siblings is a nonprofit charity organization registered in Germany that provides 100% effective monetary aid to select Third World projects that representatives of Your Siblings have personally visited and assessed. The projects need to be themselves nonprofit, nongovernmental, run by locals of the respective country, and geared towards providing the most essential means and services to those most severely disadvantaged in society, all to ensure that the donations will have the greatest and most permanent impact. (You can also follow Your Siblings on Twitter and Facebook.)

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