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GalaCon 2015

GalaCon 2015

GalaCon 2015 has been an unprecedented success for us, a success that we’ve transferred to the Against Malaria Foundation right away.

“Us” is Bronies for Good, Your Siblings, and the two of us, Nino and Denis, who have run the charity booth. But none of this would’ve been possible without our monetary and in-kind donors, and the tireless work of the staff and volunteers of GalaCon as well as former staff, whose ideas and initiative continues to boost our fundraising. Many thanks also to Stable-Tec Studios for donating their complete profits to the cause.

Considering only the effects on mortality and only the effects on children under five (who are most likely to die from malaria) and not considering costs that the Against Malaria Foundation leverages from other funders, the €20,027 we raised will buy at least 5,500 mosquito nets and will save the lives of over 10 people. (Based on research by GiveWell.)

We sold out of Bound Together at GalaCon, but we’ll have more at Czequestria!



Table Saturday €3,789.88
Table Sunday €1,851.51
Small Auction €1,500.00
Main Auction €11,970.00
Stable-Tec Studios €915.00
Counting error €1.02

Top Items at the Table

Bound Together   95
CMC button   69
BfG button   61
Metal pin   44
EA Handbook   11

We also distributed 435 of our charity guides.

Top Items in the Auction

GalaCon staff banner  €2,500
Perry’s hat  €810
GalaCon flag  €800
Funko Twilight signed by Lauren and Tara   €720
Fender signed by all guests of honor  €600

GalaCon and Bronies for Good History

GalaCon 2015 GalaCon 2014 GalaCon 2013 GalaCon 2012
Estimated attendance 1,300 1,200 1,000 400
Highest auction bids €2,500 (banner) €1,720 (banner) €1,100 (banner) €1,650 (figurine)
Totals of all auctions €13,470 €9,455 €11,632 €7,545
Totals of direct donations €6,556 €2,923 €2,694 €274

Corrected GLACEON 2015 Attribution

Unfortunately the attributions on the new GLACEON cards got mixed up. Many apologies! Here the correct data with great thanks to all contributing artists!

Rainbow Dash by Antošík Scootaloo Scooting by Bakertoons
Beautiful Day by BubblyBlackbird Apfelhans by Chris S.
Discord by InuHoshi Princess Celestia by SilviShinyStar
Rarity by Starry Night Party Hard by Zita

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