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Bound Together – Free Shipping Day

Bound Together

One year ago, the thousandth person took the Giving What We Can pledge, promising to donate 10% of their income to the most effective charities in the world – for example our recommended charities – all throughout their life.

We want to celebrate the anniversary of this milestone by offering free shipping on our comic book Bound Together for all orders on May 25, 2016 (according to EDT). You can subscribe to our newsletter for a timely reminder!

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The donations benefit the Against Malaria Foundation that just finalized plans for the largest distribution of mosquito nets in its history – a milestone that is also your achievement!

AMF has signed an agreement with Uganda’s Ministry of Health to fund 10.7 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) for distribution in Uganda’s upcoming universal coverage campaign (UCC). The nets … will protect 19.3 million people. … Every donation, large and small, has made this possible.

Malaria is one of the primary health issues in Uganda, with high incidence levels seen across many districts. These nets have the potential to play a major part in reducing deaths and illness.

Of course you can also order your Bound Together right away.

About Bronies for Good

The show has taught us that a pony’s compassion is wide – it transcends country borders and races, and Fluttershy’s compassion has room for all species of critters, whether bear, squirrel, or chicken. We of Bronies for Good implement this message in the real world, where we run fundraising campaigns and rely on comparative research – such as that of GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators – to always find and support the best charities in the world.

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