Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Pony Congress 2016

For the first time ever we’ve been to Pony Congress 2016 in Elbląg, Poland. The organizers have been extremely welcoming and helpful, and even provided us (i.e. me) with a comped room to stay. Thank you greatly! Thanks also to Rico, who helped me out at the table and enabled my travel back by changing money for me!

Even though the con was unfortunate enough to see few attendees (despite having Michelle Creber on their guest list!), the extreme cost-effectiveness of our charity, Animal Equality, that makes every bit count many-fold, produces a result that we can be proud of.

Donations PLN EUR
Table Saturday zł 228.00 about € 51
Table Sunday zł 155.84 about € 35
Auction zł 1,980.00 about € 443
Total  zł 2,353.84  about € 527–529

(The con will transfer all funds directly to Animal Equality. Depending on the exchange rate to euro, the euro total may still change slightly.)

If the cost-effectiveness estimates for Animal Equality that have been compiled by Animal Charity Evaluators are even roughly correct, that boils down to over 7,000 animals spared great suffering! And even if the estimates are high by an order of magnitude (they might just as soon be low by an order of magnitude), that’s still an amazing impact that the organizers and all donors can be proud of!

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