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GalaCon 2016

GalaCon 2016

Bronies for Good table at GalaCon

In terms of its social impact, GalaCon 2016 has been the best GalaCon ever. Thanks to the impeccable organization of Lukas Sanders and the other organizers, thanks to the powerful collaboration of Perry and Dusty during the auction, and thanks to hundreds of donors, we have raised over €23,000 for our charity, Animal Equality. Weaker returns at the table (compared to last year when hardly anyone had already read Bound Together) were offset by the strongest live auction in the history of GalaCon.

The following figures are based on my own counts (repeated at least twice). The authoritative count by the bank will probably still differ slightly, and I’ll update this post when I know it.




Table Saturday €2,900.43
Table Sunday €1,723.19
Silent auction €1,215
Small auction €930
Main auction €16,250

Top Items at the Table

Equestrian bit  514
Bound Together   65
BfG button   34
CMC button   29

Top Items in the Auction

Community quilt  €2,000
Perry’s and Dusty’s hats  €1,100
Life-size Canni plushie  €1,100
Amy Keating Rogers’s ukulele   €1,000
Sunset Shimmer plushie  €1,000

GalaCon and Bronies for Good History

GalaCon 2016 GalaCon 2015 GalaCon 2014 GalaCon 2013 GalaCon 2012
Estimated attendance 1,300 1,300 1,200 1,000 400
Highest auction bids €2,000 €2,500 (banner) €1,720 (banner) €1,100 (banner) €1,650 (figurine)
Totals of all auctions €18,395 €13,470 €9,455 €11,632 €7,545
Totals of direct donations €4,624 €6,556 €2,923 €2,694 €274
Category: Charity