Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Nurse Redheart’s Roundup

The blood drive which kicked off on September 5th. We realize that not everyone can donate blood in such as small time frame so we decided to make this project a running one. You can donate blood at your local blood bank or red cross station. Here is a list of suggested donor registry agencies to work through for finding donation locations or scheduling donation appointments (availability subject to local infrastructure):

United States

International Donor Registries

Many of these agencies also host their own blood drives through local municipalities or civil centers so there are plenty of opportunities to donate!

How to Participate in the Donor Sweepstakes

To qualify for entry into the giveaway for NRR, all participants must fill out the Google form below. Please include your email, amount, and some form of bonafide documentation for donation validation. Only a properly filed donation will be counted for the next prize giveaway in September, 2014

FAQ/Addendum’s regarding NRR

“Would donating platelets count towards the drive?”

And the answer is, absolutely yes!

Donating Platelets (Or White Blood Cells) is a type of blood donation that only extracts one part of the blood you donate. When you donate normally, you give what is known as “whole” blood, (both your various blood cells and plasma), which is what is used in blood transfusions or other life-saving procedures. However, when you donate platelets, your blood is drawn through a needle to a centrifuge that separates the Platelets from your “whole blood.” The remaining blood product is the returned to your body through another needle connected to your other arm.

Just as with regular blood donations, you also must be at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds to qualify as a candidate. You also need to be sure that you are in good health to maximize the amount of Platelets that you can donate.

“Can I still be a part of the raffle if I am in Europe?”

Yes, you are also eligible for the raffle. Just be sure to follow the instructions on posting, and you shall be counted into the raffle!

“Will enlisting and working as a blood drive or site volunteer during the span of the NHH event make you eligible for the raffle?”  

Yes, but you will need to show us some sort of documentation of your participation, such as a registration confirmation, or an account of your volunteering experience from a verifiable blood drive initiative in your community.

“Can I make multiple entries into the raffle if I donate and volunteer at a blood drive event in my community?”

No, even if you do both, we will only be allowing one entry per person.