Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

The Prizes

The top donor contest ended December 25th (UTC)!

Those people who donate the most generously in the Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser before December 25th (UTC) will be eligible to receive a prize from any one of the talented artists collaborating on the project. As with the original Seeds of Kindness fundraiser, the one who donates the highest amount before December 25th will have the first choice of prize, the second will be offered to choose next, and so on. If the amount donated by one or more winners is the same (multiple donations are possible, and all donations are cumulative) the winner will be chosen based on the date when the money was donated (the sooner the better).

So with that being said, here are the following prizes that we have up for grabs:

  • A pony plush commission from Michi
  • An exclusive Everfree special event Fluttershy trading card signed by the VAs and MLP production staff
  • Any available set of MLP patches from mikethedo
  • A custom scarf by Mastertortilla27
  • A visual art commission from NommieNom
  • An open art commission of your OC or any mane characters by Sunfur
  • A hoof-drawn colored pencil sketch from UnicornBreeze
  • A 10- to 15-second custom recorded message from the extraordinary fan VA Rina-Chan
  • A signed print of a Spitfire or Swefire painting by Perrydotto, signed by the Swedish Spitfire, Anneli Heed, herself
  • A Spitfire or Swefire print commission from the one and only John Joseco, also signed by Anneli Heed
  • Signed MLP cards from the Swedish Spitfire VA Anneli Heed.
  • A Rainbow Dash plushie from EPICVORT3X
  • An open art commission and two prints from DeathPwny
  • An open art commission from Tentacuddles
  • An open art commission from HumanDerpy of the Ask Human Derpy Tumblr
  • An open art commission from Ikasama
  • An open art commission from Squiby from the Ask-Posey Tumblr
  • An open art commission from the Ask Stalkerloo Tumblr
  • An open art commission from the AskSteamPunkScootaloo Tumblr
  • An autographed copy of Trueheart Brony: A Definition of Love and Tolerance

Commissions Policy

Please refrain from asking any of our artists for any NSFW (R34/gore/graphic) material. For any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].