Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

The Album

A Beautiful Heart

Track List

  1. Night Breeze – New World
  2. Warbalist – Generosity feat. Metal Mare
  3. Note Wise – Beat Inside My Soul
  4. Tecolotl – Cloud Song
  5. Skyline & Ibeabronyrapper – Finding Home feat. Chi-Chi
  6. LoreRD – End Melody
  7. Sprocket – Just Like You feat. Forest Rain, Feather, JCarlson, Sax Brony, & Cyril the Wolf
  8. DJ @L3Z @NDR01D – Rest in Peace
  9. RainSnowHail & OrangeB – Memory Wave
  10. Circuitfry – I’m a Dork for You, Baby!
  11. Makkon – Riverbed Circuit
  12. Warbalist – Glow
  13. Sprocket – Under the Moon feat. Feather
  14. Power Chord – Wonderbolts Rock Out
  15. Carbon Maestro – Lunar Pirate feat. MEMJ0123 & EileMonty
  16. Wisp – Dashing Through the Clouds
  17. CaptainFluffatun – Inner Peace
  18. Aoshi & Symphon – Roseraphim feat. Kitsune
  19. Callenby – Restored
  20. Xanheo – The Spirit Lives On
  21. LutariFan – We’ll Make it Through
  22. M. Pallante – Shining Armor
  23. Fimbulin – Uplift
  24. Carbon Maestro – Loveheart
  25. Aurum Noble – Faith and Hope in Humanity
  26. Josh Mono – Spirit of the Wind
  27. Facexplodie – Something of a Sacrifice
  28. Kingsley Evergreen – Heartbeat feat. Pixel Perfect
  29. Seventh Element – Together We Will Live Forever
  30. Crazy Oatmeal – I Will Rise
  31. MC Flowny – I Even Lift (Snowflake Tribute)
  32. Fimbulin & Resonant Waves – Pendant
  33. CommandSpry – Florentia Viola
  34. Camsy – Invaluable feat. SynCallio
  35. Sprocket – Starmetal (Nightmare Moon Arms for Battle)
  36. Kingsley Evergreen – Space Stage
  37. Makkon – Pressing Forward
  38. DJ TATCM – Nightfall (Luna’s Waltz)

Submission Guidelines

  • Title: A Beautiful Heart
  • Deadline: July 7, 2013
  • Genre: Everything
  • Equineness: Pony and nonpony music is equally welcome.
  • Original work only: No copyrighted material (remixes, samples) can be used, for legal reasons. Collabs are encouraged!
  • Theme: It looks like the name usually shapes the overall mood of the album, but there are no real restrictions besides common sense. Don’t make anything angry, creepy or overly depressing (but sad can be fine) and your song should have no problem fitting in.
  • Multiplicity: You can submit as many songs as you want! Two songs from the same artist can get in without any problem, but over that number (excluding collabs), we may only take the best two of them, unless they’re all exceptional. There is no length restriction either as long as it’s good enough to sustain its length.

How to Submit

Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “[ABH]” followed by your artist name, and include the following:

  • An MP3 file on (easier) or
  • A lossless file (preferably flac or aiff) uploaded somewhere (we tend to see a lot of Dropbox links dying for some reason, so please be careful)
  • A link for credit (YouTube channel, Soundcloud, etc.)
  • Lyrics, if applicable

You can upload your song on YouTube (without download links) when the album is released, but please do not make your song public until then. However, feel free to upload previews and to request feedback!

About the Charity

The policy of our partner, Your Siblings, is to cover all travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that 100% of what you give will be spent exclusively on the projects. Moreover, every project they support was founded by locals, is run by locals, and will break free from outside aid after this initial impulse. More information on Your Siblings and their projects can be found on their website.