Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch





So far we have the following prizes for the people who donate the highest amounts!

  • A custom plush commission by Piquipauparro, similar to this one.
  • A custom, Pinkie Pie-themed set of UrbanEars Plattan headphones by RoarinRoy : Picture 1 | Picture 2.
  • A custom pony scarf on demand by Mastertortilla27
  • Derpy Monet (painting) by Futtashy
  • A custom wooden pony commission by Xofox
  • Custom Nurse Redheart by Tsutanai-Neko
  • Art commission by shytalon. Additionaly, anyone donating more than $75 can request a sketch, through
  • Custom pony fan-fic starring an OC of winners choice by RinellaWasHere.
  • A custom, one-shot fan-fiction of any topic or theme excluding
    grim-dark (up to ~10,000 words) by Pen Stroke.
  • The top ten donors after those who have received another gift will get a shoutout in the credit roll of the upcoming game Cutie Mark Crusade, and the most generous among them will also get an OC cameo.



Brohooves to all artists who set aside their free time and did so much work to help this cause!