Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Oh! Hello there.

Woah.  When I heard from Martinwil that an e-mail was sent to Sethisto about BfG, I didn’t expect to see much more traffic than usual.  Boy, was I wrong. I am excited to see so many people who are eager to join up with us!  Thank you to Equestria Daily (and Phoe) for posting the article.


It looks like the we are trying to organize a food drive for the next BroNYcon, I’m sure the details will be fleshed out very soon.  We also have a timesheet for community service hours and type (also thanks to Martinwil) which can be found HERE.


There has been some interest from the people over at The Fourth Floor.  They are selling some sweet pony themed Monopoly tokens and are willing to donate $1 from each sale to BfG.


One last bit:  There is a discussion on the BfG Facebook page on what our logo should be.  I have my heart set on one, but I want to leave it up to everyone else so we can all be happy about the decision.  I’ve also created a similar thread on the forum, but with the look of the entire site in mind.



Again, thank you to everyone!  Together we can make this world a better place!

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