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UK PonyCon and Riding for the Disabled Association or: Yo Dawg, I heard you like copypaste…

While reading through the most recent Nightly Roundup on EqD, it seems there is an event known as UK PonyCon coming up.  If you didn’t already read it for yourself here (Nightly Roundup #74) have some copypaste of some copypaste!

Established in 2004, we are a charity fundraising event that aims to raise money and awareness each year for our chosen charity. This year, we are again supporting the Riding for the Disabled Association.

I urge you to click the words above and make a donation.  Also, if you are in the area of this convention, you should totally go.  I know I would if I didn’t live so far away.  For those of you who can make it, this entire sentence is a link to the UK PonyCon site.

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