Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Looks like I’m getting sent back to magic kindergarten…

Since this update is EXTREMELY tardy!

If  you didn’t already gather, we changed some things.  It’s looking a little nicer around here.  Updates are ongoing, so some things may be unfinished as of right now.  We are in the process of doing quite a bit of work around here, and by the time it’s completed, it’ll be…nice.

The banner is just me fooling around with someone else’s masterpiece in Paint, expect it to change soon.  Many apologies to CrappyUnicorn for using your image as a background until we get our own.  Hopefully linking people to your DeviantArt profile (twice) will make up for it?

Anyway, expect some more changes here soonish.  Till then:  Stay sane, spike your mane!

Category: Development