Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

Charity Auction at GalaCon

Canni by Mr. Poniator

Canni by Mr. Poniator

Charity Auction at Galacon

What’s Canni doing at that lectern? She’s auctioning wonderful artwork, plushies, customs, collector’s items, and much more—all for charity!

However, this photo is from the future, from August 12th this year. For her charity auction to become a grand success, we—Galacon and Bronies for Good—depend on your artistic skill and generosity!

If you have it in your heart to donate anything that you think might get some bids (and thus bits), please contact [email protected]. Thank you!

The money raised (apart from a minor security margin of 1%) will benefit our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and thus an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. The orphanage is already taking good care of many children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS, offering them a new home and a new family. Currently, they have to pay a high rent, though, so they have everything planned out to build their own house, where they would not only save the rent but could even expand to accommodate at least fifty children. To ensure that this new safe haven, the Safe Project, will be self-sufficient in the long term, they want to start a small chicken farming business, the returns of which will be invested into food for the children, their general well-being, and of course their education, to ultimately open the doors for them to a new, brighter future.

If you, dear reader, should happen to be one of the esteemed creators of our beloved show, then this shout-out is also and especially going out to you! Thank you again!

A Few Reminders

  • The end of this month, midnight (UTC) of June 30th, marks the deadline after which we will determine the top donors for Seeds of Kindness, and thus the lucky winners of these prizes.
  • My Little Remix is already working on the next charity album, Faithful and Strong. If you are a musician and would like to contribute a track to the new album, please see this thread.
  • For Faithful and Strong, we are also looking for material and digital gifts for our donors, so digital art and wallpaper packs are just as welcome as customs, paintings, scarfs, and plushies. You can reach us at [email protected].
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