Seeds of Kindness: A Healing Touch

The Prizes

The new Seeds of Kindness 2 prizes are this way. Please click.

Update: The contest part of Seeds of Kindness is over! You will still receive the Seeds of Kindness Album as well as the Smile! Album if you donate, but you will no longer be eligible for the prizes.


Those people who donate the most generously in the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser will be eligible to receive a prize from any one of the talented artists collaborating on the project. The contest for the prizes only lasts two months, so make sure that you donate within that time frame to be eligible for a prize. As with the Smile! fundraiser, the one who donates the highest amount before June 30th will have the first choice of prize, the second will be offered to choose next and so on. If the amount donated by one or more winners is the same (multiple donations are possible, and all donations are cumulative) the winner will be chosen based on the date when the money was donated (the sooner the better)

So far we have the following prizes up for grabs:

We will also offer one Steam gift or Full Access Subscription to the Ruckus Reader and its MLP books to anyone donating over $50, as long as we still have some in stock : first come, first serve. Here is the full list of what we have:

  • 10 All Access Subscriptions to Ruckus Reader from Ruckus Media, (worth $30 each), offering FULL access to MLP iReaders: Things That Go Bump in the Night, Twilight Sparkle’s Special Lesson and Rarity Loves Fashion)
  • Skyrim (over $100 (€75) only)
  • Portal
  • Dead Space
  • 3 copies of Terraria
  • The entire Tropico Trilogy
  • Alien Shooter
  • 3 copies of Iron Grip Warlord
  • 2 Copies of Audio Surf
  • Dungeons of Dredmor
  • 4 copies of Indie Gala Packs
  • Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack